Car interior composition

Car interior composition

1 instrument panel

The automobile instrument consists of various instruments, indicators (speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, fuel meter, charging meter, etc.), especially the warning light alarm for the driver, so as to provide the driver with the required information of vehicle operation parameters.

The instrument panel is an assembly for the installation of various indicating instruments, ignition switches, etc. in the cab. It is installed on the instrument panel or mounted on the steering column as an accessory; It has both technical and artistic functions, and is one of the representatives of the whole vehicle style.

1) Hard plastic instrument panel

The instrument panel of hard car is one-piece injection molding single-layer structure, which does not need skin material, mainly used for trucks, trucks and buses. The surface of hard automobile dashboard is required to be high, and the surface shall be Matt without reflection, and it has no stimulation to human eyes. It is required to resist humidity, heat resistance and rigidity of materials, and it is not easy to deform. The surface of injection molding instrument panel is easy to produce flow marks and weld marks, and it is easy to produce color difference. Therefore, the surface can only be used after spraying and decoration.

Materials: modified PP, PPE, PC, ABS, pvc/abs, pc/abs, pc/pbt, SMA (ethylene / maleic anhydride), San (as), etc

2) Plastic suction instrument panel

Vacuum plastic forming instrument panel is a technology commonly used in the production of domestic and foreign cars. It has the advantages of good buffer function, high safety and strong aesthetic appearance.

Materials: abs/pp, PU, etc

The structure of semi hard and soft instrument panel is divided into three layers, which are skeleton (base material), buffer layer and composite skin. The epidermis mainly consists of vacuum suction molding skin, enamel plastic forming skin and spray molding skin. In recent years, enamel molding and spray molding are widely used because of its uniform pattern, no internal stress and high tolerance in design. It is highly recognized by customers and will become the leading vehicle in middle and high-grade vehicles.

Material Science:

Skeleton: pc/abs, PP, SMA, PPO (PPE) and other modified materials;

Foam buffer layer: PU foam

Composite skin: PVC, TPO, TPU, etc

2 steering wheel

Steering wheel is one of the most important safety components in the car, which is the key to ensure the correct route of the vehicle. In addition to the need to have a certain strength, hardness, and can withstand a certain torsional and bending stress, but also need to have a certain flexibility.

The steering wheel frame is generally composed of three parts: wheel rim, spoke and hub.

Material Science:

Skeleton: zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, steel sheet metal (less used)

Coating: Pu, PP, phenolic resin, wood, etc

Surface: wood, PP, ABS and other plastics, leather, leather and aluminum alloy, etc

3 foot mats

The automobile foot mat is an environmental protection automobile interior part which integrates five main functions of water absorption, dust collection, decontamination, sound insulation and protection of the main carpet. The car foot mat belongs to the interior decoration, which protects the cleanness of the car inside and outside, and plays an attractive and comfortable role.

Materials: PVC, XPE, EVA, tpe/tpr, PU and other rubber; Leather, such as Kraft, artificial leather, etc; Wool, cotton or chemical fiber

4 air bag

Airbag refers to the device that makes the airbag expand to protect the passenger before the passenger has a second collision. The airbag module is composed of the airbag which receives the signal from the impact sensor and the gas generating device. It is composed of the airbag which expands by inflation and relieves the secondary collision, and the air bag collecting device and the airbag retainer and cover plate.

Material Science:

Air bag: flat nylon PA66 fiber, polyester fiber

Coating: silica gel, neoprene

5 seats

The car seat is generally composed of five parts: seat frame, functional parts (slide rail, angle adjuster, elevator, etc.), skin, foam plastic filler, and plastic accessory parts.

Material Science:

Skeleton: long fiber reinforced thermoplastic, magnesium alloy, rolled profile, steel plate, etc

Sponge cushion: Pu, etc

Mask: natural animal skin or PVC leather, PU leather, ultra true leather of superfine fiber, PET fiber, suede cloth, etc

Exterior: polyurethane, etc

Handle adjustment: pbt/abs, PA, POM, pc/pbt, pc/abs, etc

Safety belt: PET fiber, etc

6 door trim panel

The door trim panel is a plate structure which decorates the door, including the interior panel and the triangle trim panel.

The market capacity of China's door panel mainly includes the market capacity of new car supporting and after-sales replacement market. In 2013, the market capacity of China's automobile door panel was 88.1 million, an increase of 15.3% year-on-year. In 2015-2020, with the further increase of China's automobile production and ownership, the market capacity of China's automobile door panel is expected to maintain a growth rate of more than 9%.

7 main carpet

Automobile carpet is a kind of bedding material which integrates decoration and function. Besides beautiful and soft appearance, it also makes you feel relaxed and happy when driving or riding.

The car interior carpet is similar to the trunk carpet, which is divided into two types: the main carpet and the decorative carpet. The main carpet is generally made of plastic and chemical fiber injection molding, which is one of the necessary parts of the whole vehicle; At present, the interior parts of the carpet of the car are generally composed of fabric layer, middle frame layer and bottom material layer. Decorative carpet and trunk mat are five main functions of water absorption, vacuum cleaning, decontamination, sound insulation and protection of the main carpet.

Material Science:

Chemical fiber: PP, acrylic, pet, PA, nylon, hemp, etc

Plastics: polypropylene, etc

Blending: it may be chemical fiber plus wool, or chemical fiber plus chemical fiber, TPR, composite nylon automobile carpet, etc

Coating: carboxyl butylene gum, EVA or acrylic acid, etc

8 column guard system

The column guard plate is a large side ring covering part inside the car, which plays an important role in the aesthetics, ride comfort, convenience and safety of the interior of the car; Generally, cars have three columns a, B and C, some structures have D-pillar, and the column guard plate is fixed on the inner plate of the column of the side wall of the car.

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